Friday, February 16, 2024

Banyan Treatment Centers Adding BioSound To Newest Location

 Banyan Treatment Center is opening of a new facility in Gulf Breeze, FL. Banyan Gulf Breeze, opening February 19th, will provide comprehensive care for adults dealing with Substance Use Disorders at both inpatient and outpatient levels. The facility will also offer outpatient services for Mental Health Disorders.

Banyan Gulf Breeze, as with all Banyan Treatment Centers, will be offering BioSound Healing Therapies.  BioSound provides a unique treatment that combines biofeedback, brain entrainment, therapeutic music, full-body vibrations, mindfulness meditations, and inspiring videos to interrupt patterns of stress, trauma, and pain. 

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NicCheck Again To Be Used In The 2024 "Quit To Win Challenge"

The 2024 "Quit to Win Challenge" in Quebec is coming up and registrations have begun for this year.  The Challenge is now in its 25th season.  The Challenge is a province-wide campaign that takes place each year to help smokers, who are ready to quit smoking, to take action.

The Challenge is a commitment, to not smoke for 6 weeks. Succeeding with the Challenge provides a solid foundation for the smoking cessation process. Also, 6 weeks without smoking also means 6 times the chances of quitting for good!


In 2023 the winner of the challenge received a $5,000.00 cash prize.

In order to win, the finalists (after abstaining from smoking for 6 weeks) was tested with NicCheck I, Nicotine Test Strips, as winners in the previous years were.  Upon proof of a negative test the winner was chosen.

We at Mossman Associates are very proud that our NicCheck I Nicotine Test Strips are repeatedly chosen as the confirmation test when looking to determine a winner in this challenge.



Quebec has substantially reduced the number of smokers over the years, but it still stands at 13.2% while Canada stands at 11.6% (2022 Statistics Canada). The 6-week challenge for 2024 runs from February 5th to March 17th.  The grand Prize winners will be selected after March 19th once the NicCheck I confirmation test has been given and a negative result has been achieved.


The NicCheck I urine test detects nicotine and a dozen nicotine metabolites, including cotinine.  This is a major reason why the test is used repeatedly, year after year, by the organizers of The Challenge.




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