Friday, July 24, 2020

Quit and Win Contests During COVID-19

Milford, Massachusetts 7/23/20- NicCheck has again been chosen to be the confirmation test to determine the winner of the ‘’Quit And Win Contest’’.

COVID-19 has impacted the world in so many ways. Our health system is overwhelmed, people are out of work and stress has been put on so many systems we have come to take for granted.  Things have drastically changed and we wait to see what the final “New Normal” will look like.

The “Quit and Win” Contests were no exception to the disruption. NicCheck tests were made available to contest organizers as usual to be used to determine winners.  Taiwan was the only contest to be able to complete the contest with the usual NicCheck confirmation testing

Taiwan, within the Tobacco Control Division, John Tung Foundation, changed the theme of the Campaign to “Quit Smoking to Increase Immunity”, to aid in the fight against Covid-19.  Since the disease affected the respiratory system and smokers were more susceptible this change was brilliant. While the number of participants was almost 50% less than the previous campaigns many people quit smoking because they wanted to reduce their susceptibility and because they could safely quit smoking at home during quarantine.

“As always we are proud to help in the efforts of these smoking cessation contests and look forward to participating in future programs”, quoted Don Mossman, President and CEO of Mossman Associates.

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