Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NicCheck Used To Confirm Smoking Cessation Within Quit & Win 2010 Smoking Cessation Competition

NicCheck once again to be the rapid test of choice for participants within the Quit and Win contest confirming smoking cessation.

Milford, Massachusetts; 3/30/10- Mossman Associates, Inc. announced today that NicCheck is being used once again within the Quit & Win 2010 contest. Participants within this worldwide smoking cessation competition have chosen NicCheck I once again to be the rapid test they used to confirm smoking cessation.
Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates is quoted as saying “We are pleased to be involved with this important project once again following our involvement with the annual Quit and Win contest in Canada. We have received positive feedback from such people as those at The John Tung Foundation in Taiwan, and Anti-Smoking activists in Romania, Malta and Korea.”
For more information contact:
Donald Mossman
Mossman Associates Inc.
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Milford, MA 01757