Wednesday, October 21, 2020

BioSound Healing Therapies Added to New Facilities


                    FOOTPRINTSTO RECOVERY 



In these unprecedented times drug addiction relapses are on the rise calling for the need for additional facilities to provide help for these people.

Some Drug Rehabilitation Centers are rising to challenge.  Recently, GateHouse Treatment added a new facility in Tennessee. Footprints To recovery added two new facilities, one in New Jersey and one in Colorado.

As they had done previously with their other facilities, they focused on working with us at BioSound Healing Therapy to provide State-Of- The –Art therapies. The BioSound units are designed to be easily sanitized between users and provide a means of providing needed therapies while maintaining social distancing.

The programs contained within the BioSound units provide Brain Entrainment and Mindfulness, while eliminating the need to bring outside people in.   The units provide sound massages using deep resonant vibrational tones, guided meditations, healing frequencies (solfeggio tones and binaural beats), as well as Biofeedback.