Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Winners Of The Romanian 2012 Quit&Win Contest Have Been Announced

Milford Ma, July 4, 2012-The Romanian 2012 Quit&Win Contest has concluded and winners are announced after being verified using NicCheck I test strips.
The Romanian 2012 Quit&Win Contest has concluded. This year the contest enrolled 273 participants and from these George Ghiorghisor of Calarasi and Mirela Barbu of Gaesti were identified as the 2 Grand Prize winners.
Participants went through a telephone screening process and then successful participants were validated through biomarker testing with NicCheck by entities such as Calarasi Public Health Authority and Gaesti Artic Plant Dispensary. The results were used to prove the winners were negative, non-smokers. The 2 Grand Prize winners will each receive a 2 persons (husband/wife), 11 day sojourn at the renown Life-Style Centers in Herghelia/Mures and Podis/Bacau respectively, valued at about $1000 each.

In addition, 4 people will be granted one year long subscriptions to British Medical Journal - Romanian Edition and Viata Medical (Medical Life) while the Publishing House Viata si Sanatate (Life & Health) will offer prizes in books and subscriptions to the Viata&Sanatate Magazine to the most active supporters.
The Romanian Quit&Win campaigns have persuaded thousands of people to quit smoking and NicCheck has been used since 2000 as the biomarker test to determine the ultimate winners.

NicCheck is a dry chemistry dipstick for the semi-quantitative measurement of nicotine and nicotine metabolites in urine as an aid in the verification of a person’s true smoking status. This 15 minute test yields a semi-quantitative measurement of a person’s nicotine consumption based on the color intensity of the reaction found on the NicCheck test strips.