Monday, October 15, 2007

Innovations for Poverty Action, Teams with The Green Bank of Caraga, Using NicCheckTM to Confirm Smoking Cessation

Milford, Massachusetts; 10/15/07 - Mossman Associates Inc. is pleased to announce that our NicCheckTM is being used by Innovations for Poverty Action and The Green Bank of Caraga within their CARES Campaign.
CARES, (Committed Action to Reduce and End Smoking), offered by The Green Bank of Caraga, aims at supporting smokers to quit smoking. Despite the widely known negative effects of smoking on health, smoking continues to be prevalent in many Filipino families in the absence of organized smoking cessation programs.
The CARES product allows smokers to commit to quitting within the next six months, and provides smokers with financial incentives to follow through on that commitment. Once a client opens a CARES savings account and commits to quit smoking in six months, the client will not have the access to the savings account unless he/she passes the nicotine test at the end of the six months period. The Green Bank provides deposit collection services on weekly basis, constantly reminding and encouraging the client to reduce smoking and eventually quit.
Ann Mayuga from the Innovations for Poverty Action is quoted as saying, “ Clients are encouraged to stop smoking within 6 months with the incentives provided by the CARES product. We use NicCheck to confirm that participants have truly quit smoking during this period. The NicCheck test is affordable and easy to use. We are able to reduce the hassle for the clients by having the CARES staff visit each client and conduct the test in the field.”
Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates Inc. notes, "We are proud to be able to contribute to a program designed to help those people trying to quit smoking. Our NicCheck product can effectively be used to monitor a person’s nicotine consumption as they reduce their dependence, as well as, to verify total cessation. The test is simple and as you can see because it is a rapid visual test it is conducive to being run in the field, lending itself to visiting nurses, spot checks and remote health stations”.
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