Saturday, May 3, 2008

NicCheck I Test (formerly from DynaGen Inc) Used By STICKK.COM For Smoking Cessation Commitments, By Confirming Individuals Smoking Status

STICKK.COM, A New Website Helping With Smoking Cessation Uses NicCheck I to confirm smoking status.

Friday, March 3, 2008 Mossman Associates, Inc. announced today that they have joined with STICKK.COM to assist in a smoking cessation project. The website launched in just recently promotes healthier, happier living, by helping individuals and groups make and fulfill commitments to improve their lives. does this by providing an easy mechanism for individuals to post financial commitments to achieve goals such as lose weight, stop smoking, look for love, train for a marathon, go green, etc.

Research by members of the scientific advisory board, and others, shows that financial contracts like this can make individuals up to three times more likely to achieve goals such as smoking cessation and weight loss.

Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates is quoted as saying "We are pleased to be involved with this project and continue to be involved with smoking cessation projects around the world. Our test, NicCheck I, can be used to enable doctors or the smoker themselves to better determine the amount of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) they require. NicCheck can be used as a positive reinforcement tool during this difficult process by being a visual aid to the person showing the reduction in nicotine circulating in their bodies as they quit. This test, which was originally developed at DynaGen Inc, Cambridge Massachusetts, has been used since the mid 1990’s for such purposes. We feel strongly that the addition of NicCheck to the tools currently available will be an aid in the successful completion of a person’s smoking cessation efforts".

Donald Mossman, President
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