Friday, April 22, 2016

NicCheck Being Used Once Again As The Evidence Based Test For 2016 Quit & Win Contest

                                                   MEDIA RELEASE

In both Europe and United States cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking are the most numerous group from those preventable through healthy lifestyle choices.
             In 2014 Romania current smoking prevalence was 27%, decreasing with 3% as compared to 2012, but still with 1% above the European Union average. In the general population, ex-smokers prevalence was 13%.

             QUIT & WIN is an international campaign of smoking cessation organized in Romania since 2000 by the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) in partnership with the Association for Health, Education and Family (ASEF).

            Q&W proposes to daily smoker adults abstaining from tobacco between May 2nd and 29th. Participants are supported technically and morally during abstinence, and those who succeed qualify for a drawing of important prizes held by World No Tobacco Day on  May 31st.
The 2016 Campaign,  IX edition, features 2 prizes of  USD 1000 value each, consisting of two 11 days double sojourns at Health Centers Herghelia -Mures and Podis - Bacau. Additional awards are granted to healthcare professionals consisting of subscriptions to prestigious publications such as Viata Medicala (Medical Life) or British Medical Journal - Romanian edition. Campaign supporters – nonsmokers who enroll participants - will also enjoy prizes in kind of  health & prevention books offered by the Life and Health Publishing House (EVS).

             A checking of "tobacco free" status will be for sure applied to prize-candidates among those designated as winners by drawing, namely: testing of cotinine in urine, and a by-honor-statement of a witness. The stripes for testing presence of cotinine in urine are generously offered free of any charge to Q&W Romania since 2004 by Don Mossman&Associates (USA) to whom we express our full gratitude.

             National Institute of Public Health in Bucharest, ASEF and EVS lead a coalition bringing together county Departments of Public Health (DSP), family doctors, pulmonologists, pharmacists, antismoke associations, youth associations - that will distribute enrollment forms to a public as numerous as possible - with the objective to encourage many smokers to quit for good.

             Enrollment  forms can be downloaded from,, websites or can be personally picked up from INSP, 1-3 Dr. Leonte Street (in  University Hospital - University of Medicine & Pharmacy - INSP triangle, Cotroceni quarter) or from DSP county offices.

Before last decade of Quit & Win 2016 enrollment we address smokers who oscillates between YES and NO to seize this opportunity for tilting the balance of their lives towards LIFE AND HEALTH.

 Prof. dr. Radu Negoescu              Nicolae Florea                        Laura Vaţe

  National   Coordonator           ASEF Coordonator               EVS Coordonator