Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NicCheckTM Used To Confirm Smoking Cessation Within The International Quit & Win 2008 Smoking Cessation Competition

NicCheck once again to be the rapid test of choice of participants within the Quit and Win contest to confirm smoking cessation

Milford, Massachusetts; 9/23/08 - Mossman Associates, Inc. announced today that NicCheck was used once again within the International Quit & Win 2008 contest. Participants within this worldwide smoking cessation competition, has chosen NicCheck I once again to be the rapid test they used to confirm smoking cessation. The program is sponsored by National Public Health Institute, KTL of Helsinki, Finland in collaboration with WHO (WHO/HQ/NPH).

Quit&Win has rapidly grown in popularity as a practical international smoking cessation activity. Quit&Win began in 1994 with just 13 countries participating. Since then, the competition has taken place internationally every two years.

Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates is quoted as saying “We are pleased to be involved with this important project once again. We have received positive feedback from such people as those at The John Tung Foundation, Taiwan, where they said “Thanks to the NicCheck Kits, we had successfully held the campaign and helped nearly 20,000 people to experience the good of quitting smoking”. Similar sentiments are expressed by Anti-Smoking activists in Malta, Canada any many other areas around the world.”

NicCheck (formerly a product of DynaGen Inc) is used worldwide to aid in smoking cessation programs, general health and surgical hospitals.
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