Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romanian Quit &Win 2010 Challenge Concludes Smoking Cessation Screening Using NicCheck I Test Strips

The Romanian Quit&Win 2010 Challenge, a yearly smoking cessation competition, has chosen NicCheck I once again to be the test they used to confirm smoking cessation.

Tuesday June 15, 2010 Mossman Associates, Inc., announced today that the Romanian Quit & Win 2010 Smoking Cessation Challenge, a yearly smoking cessation competition, has chosen NicCheck I once again to be the test they used to confirm smoking cessation among the potential contest winners.

Prof. Radu M. Negoescu, PhD, MPH, Head, Unit of Healthy Lifestyle Promotion of
The Institute of Public Health, has reported “Please accept our renewed thanks for giving us the possibility to validate Quit & Win 2010 Romania winners using NicCheck tests.
As usual, NicCheck did work well and helped a lot to distinguish among false and sincere competitors.

The campaign mobilized 245 participants competing for several 11 day sojourns in renown or just-opened Health (life style) Centers at Herghelia, county of Mures, and Podis, county of Bacau; such a sojourn is valued about $ 500. NicCheck testing has been applied to participants in drawing order after a successful telephonic interview of the witness and of the candidate. Testing was applied by qualified personnel from Public Health Authorities closest to candidate's residence.”

Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates is quoted as saying, "We are again pleased to be chosen to be involved with this important project. We have seen how our test can be used in the field, such as our involvement in the rural countryside of the Philippines, as well as by lab clinicians such as with the Canadian Quit and Win Challenge. Currently we are becoming more involved with doctors and how NicCheck can be used to better determine the amount of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) that is required for their patients. We feel strongly that the addition of NicCheck as a tool, for one’s smoking cessation efforts will improve results and help with kicking the habit ".
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Detection of Nicotine and Its Metabolites in Urine

Official Publication Of The American Academy Of Health Behavior

Amruta R. Eswara, PhD
Saraswathy V. Nochur, PhD
Donald J. Mossman

ABSTRACT: A simple strip test has been developed for the detection of nicotine and its metabolites in urine. The NicCheck® I test yields a pink color on the test strip within 30 minutes, providing a semi-quantitative measure of tobacco consumption. When tested on urine from smokers and nonsmokers, the test was determined to have an overall sensitivity and specificity of 99% when compared to an EIA for cotinine determination. The test detects both nicotine and cotinine, as well as a number of other nicotine metabolites, thus providing a more complete indication of overall tobacco consumption. Based on its simplicity, accuracy, and ease of use, the test could conceivably have several applications.