Thursday, February 10, 2005

MycoDot TM Continues To Provide Rapid Serological Tuberculosis Testing In Japan

Milford, Massachusetts; 2/10/05 - Mossman Associates, Inc. announced today that hundreds of thousands of their serological TB tests- MycoDot have been successfully used in the diagnosis of that disease in Japan.
MycoDot provides the Japanese the opportunity to diagnose TB within 20 minutes using a very small amount of serum or whole blood saving major amounts of time as well as establishing cost controls.

“The approval to market MycoDot in JAPAN by the Kosheio, the Japanese version of the FDA, was a major step in the acceptance of the serological testing of tuberculosis. Under the watchful eye and monitoring of the Kosheio, MycoDot continues to provide test results with high sensitivity and excellent specificity” notes Donald Mossman, President, Mossman Associates Inc. Mr. Mossman continues “we, like the majority of people working the TB space, feel that the proper identification of the disease is critical in controlling the problem. We are glad to be part of the efforts to improve upon the current TB diagnostic technology that is used in the public sector, which has not changed much in over 100 years”.

Mossman Associates, Inc. also provides reagents to other manufactures of diagnostics such as Bio-Chips, ELISA, Comb Technology, and Lateral Flow Devices.

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