Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Dutch Cancer Society Using NicCheck to Confirm Smoking Cessation

Milford, Massachusetts; 6/8/05 - Mossman Associates Inc. is pleased to announce that their NicCheck is being used by The Dutch Cancer Society for their annual Quit and Win Campaign.

Quit &Win is a practical, cost-effective evidence-based smoking cessation method for population-wide public health use. The International Quit &Win Campaign, originally organized in the framework of the WHO/CINDI program, is now an international network supported by the WHO and organized by The National Public Health Institute, KTL, Helsinki Finland. Quit &Win has proven to have the capability to reach more smokers and at a lower cost than most smoking cessation interventions. It has also proven to be applicable to different cultures. The success of the Quit &Win campaigns are assessed by standardized evaluation procedures, and follow-up studies have shown that after one year, on an average 20 % of the participants have remained tobacco free.
This stop-smoking-contest is conducted worldwide every two years by The National Public Health Institute, KTL, Helsinki Finland, however in the Netherlands there will be a contest every year organized under the same rules and conditions as the parent contest and overseen by The Dutch Cancer Society.

Ingrid van den Berg from the Dutch Cancer Society is quoted as saying,
"The Dutch Cancer Society is annually organizing a Quit &Win campaign. In May 2005, 3.695 smokers quit smoking in the Netherlands. Participants could win €1.000, if they quit smoking for at least a month. In order to check if the potential winners truly quit smoking during this period, we used NicCheck to confirm if they indeed were smoke free after a month"

"We are proud to be able to contribute to a program designed to help those people trying to quit smoking, to ultimately succeed. Our NicCheck product can effectively be used to monitor a person’s nicotine consumption as they reduce their dependence, as well as, to verify total cessation", notes Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates Inc.

More information on the contest can be reviewed at or for the worldwide contest.
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Thursday, February 10, 2005

MycoDot TM Continues To Provide Rapid Serological Tuberculosis Testing In Japan

Milford, Massachusetts; 2/10/05 - Mossman Associates, Inc. announced today that hundreds of thousands of their serological TB tests- MycoDot have been successfully used in the diagnosis of that disease in Japan.
MycoDot provides the Japanese the opportunity to diagnose TB within 20 minutes using a very small amount of serum or whole blood saving major amounts of time as well as establishing cost controls.

“The approval to market MycoDot in JAPAN by the Kosheio, the Japanese version of the FDA, was a major step in the acceptance of the serological testing of tuberculosis. Under the watchful eye and monitoring of the Kosheio, MycoDot continues to provide test results with high sensitivity and excellent specificity” notes Donald Mossman, President, Mossman Associates Inc. Mr. Mossman continues “we, like the majority of people working the TB space, feel that the proper identification of the disease is critical in controlling the problem. We are glad to be part of the efforts to improve upon the current TB diagnostic technology that is used in the public sector, which has not changed much in over 100 years”.

Mossman Associates, Inc. also provides reagents to other manufactures of diagnostics such as Bio-Chips, ELISA, Comb Technology, and Lateral Flow Devices.

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Donald Mossman
Mossman Associates Inc.
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