Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mossman Associates Inc. Announces the Availability of CO Check, An Essential Tool For Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Research

The CO Check is an innovative smoking cessation tool designed specifically for smoking cessation programs and nicotine research.

Milford, MA   June 23, 2015
Mossman Associates Inc is pleased to announce the availability of CO Check for those involved with Smoking Cessation programs and nicotine research.  One single breath of expiration into the CO Check provides instant results in PPM and % COHB via the large easy –to-read display.

The product for under $600 is used when a person attending a smoking cessation program first checks in to establish a baseline and then every visit after to monitor their progress.  Initially it serves as a gage of a person’s smoking status and then as a real proof of what they are doing is working.

CO Check along with NicCheck our dry chemistry dipstick for the semi-quantitative measurement of nicotine and nicotine metabolites in urine form a complete package of tests that can be used for a smoking cessation programs or nicotine research.
About Mossman Associates, Inc.

Mossman Associates, Inc is a privately held medical device company that specializes in rapid tests for physicians and researchers as well as equipment and reagents for the biotech industry.  Incorporated in 2001 the professionals at Mossman Associates Inc have been involved with cutting edge technology for over 30 years.