Wednesday, August 19, 2015


BioSound Healing Therapy is a novel product to keep people going through dependency programs to remain in them during those anxious times, reducing AMAs.

Milford, MA   May 15, 2015
Mossman Associates Inc is pleased to announce that we have become the Northeast representative for BioSound Healing Therapy. 

BioSound Healing Therapy is a product that integrates Biofeedback, Music Therapy, Sound Frequency Healing (Binaural Beats, Solfeggio frequencies and Charqes Tones) and Guided Imagery all centered around a Sound Massage, lounge style bed. 

The therapy uses full frequency sound to perform the massage which reduces stress and anxiety, promotes better sleep, reduces muscle tension and relieves withdrawal symptoms (especially pain), and reduces AMAs in treatment centers.  The therapy can be reimbursable by insurance, as our experience has shown in Florida at a low of $100 to a high of $200 per session.  The unit can be purchased, leased or rented so that you could be generating cash flow right from day 1 and the total cost of the therapy could be paid for by eliminating just 1 AMA. 

Don Mossman President of Mossman Associates is quoted as saying, “We are delighted to add this technology to our other products used in the in the treatment of drug, nicotine and alcohol addiction.  We have experience the positive effect that this technology can provide as well as witnessing it out in the field. 

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