Wednesday, July 31, 2019

BioSound Healing Therapies(R) Help Police Of Fayetteville NC

Milford, Massachusetts, 7/29/19-Mossman Associates Incorporated is pleased to announce that we are working along our Law Enforcement contacts to bring to these people the benefits associated with BioSound (R)  Healing Therapy.

It has been acknowledged nationally that the fine people making up our First Responders are under a great deal of stress and anxiety, often leading to depression, body aches, muscle tension, headaches, and sleep deprivation. All of this leading to elevated rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide.  We are committed to providing solutions to help these people manage and cope with these on-the-job stresses.

We recently place 2 units with the Fayetteville Police in North Carolina. One at the police station and one at their training center.  Funds were obtained at least in part from a grant from the Department Of Justice, who recognize the importance of such therapies.

BioSound is committed to developing solutions to help “First Responders” better manage and cope with on-the-job stress.  Solutions are specifically designed to help reduce effects of PTSD, stress, and muscle tension.

For More Information Contact:

Donald Mossman

BioSound NE Representative

9 Village Circle

Milford, MA 01757

508-331-1592 (Mobile)

508-488-6169 (Office)